About TiffanyEdit

Tiffany is a red haired human female that is in the IMP team. She is in love with Hentaiboy, and she is the only female human in the group (Ginny, Megliff and Mayleen are foxes).  According to the deviantart IMP fanclub character description page, Tiffany is Hentaiboy's girlfriend who is mostly quiet but rather attractive. She met up with Hentaiboy during an Xmas pary and have been together since. She has rarely been seen fighting (some think so she doesn't get hurt, but there is no proof of this).

She was almost never seen fighting until episode 31, where she gets her memory erased and notices that she has a ring that she appearently has had since birth.  She randomly assumes that the ring will give her super powers and by total coincidence, it does. Her ring allows her to transform into Lady Platina.

Ginny, HB and Tiffany

Ginny, Hentaiboy and Tiffany

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