Roger is the leader, as well as the most 'normal' member of the IMP.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Roger van der Weide is a somewhat tall but also overweight man, which makes him somewhat clumsy. Roger also has a large nose, which is noticeable in episodes before Season 4 Episode 1 (30th episode overall). His jacket and shirt will usually have different colors in an episode. As the series progressed, Roger grew a goatee.


Roger is grumpy, sarcastic and somewhat clumsy, but as the series goes on, he grew more into his leadership role, and became more heroic; such as when he had to get past a bunch of chatty old ladies at a haunted super market.


While hunting for jobs, and failing at many of them, Roger hears an announcement about a foot race where the first prize is a mansion - which the announcer states would be "a perfect place to start a superhero team". He enters the race, but gets tired after a mere few steps, falls over and lands on a conveniently placed skateboard which rolls him all the way ahead to the finish. He wins the mansion, then posts flyers in order to recruit the guys that will eventually become the International Moron Patrol.

Wealth Edit

As the IMP caused lots of destruction or wanted to buy items, Roger is usually the one to pay. Roger seems to be the one everyone falls back on for money. As seen in IMP Episode 43, H Hog calls Roger to pay for the damages, which Roger then promptly hangs up in anger. Since Roger can pay for many of the IMP's troubles, as well as having his credit card commonly being stolen by Meglif, it can be implied Roger is wealthy.

Relationship Status Edit

Roger has a romantic relationship with Millie, as seen in Episode 16 of IMP. Millie and Roger's relationship is no longer elaborated on and currently does not see any use after Episode 16. Cazin has also taken an interest in Roger, but Roger does not feel the same way.


  • Every episode (except pilot, but appears in remastered pilot)
  • H Hog's The Horror Comics

Voice Actor Edit

  • Himself