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The International Moron Patrol team are a group of super heroes that have proven on many occaisons to be too lazy to fulfill their duties, or wildly distracted with their own personal problems.


After looking for (and failing) at getting into various jobs, Roger looks into a race that is being held, where the winner who wins the race would win a mansion and could "start a superhero team or something." After Roger's surpirsing finish, he goes to his mansion where he decided to make a superhero team, and puts up ads around Itty City in the hopes of forming a team.

The original members who join the team are Hentai Boy, Henrik, Bustin, John, and Zody. At first, Hhog doesn't want to join his stupid team, but John coinvinces him when he reads on that they stop enemies, comfort girls when they're lonely, and kill smurfs.

IMP MembersEdit

Current MembersEdit

  • John The Hedgehog
  • Bustin (Roger has said that Bustin is still part of the IMP, but more independent, and is no longer a main character)

Former Members Edit

  • Luc (Left for college)

IMP Vehicle Edit

The IMP's vehicle of choice is roughly a red Ford F-Series, the generation isn't too distinct, but seems to be an Eighth Generation based on the grille. They are commonly seen traveling in the vehicle when a team as well as the first version of the International Moron Patrol credits. In IMP Episode 43, it shows that the Ford can keep up in a high-speed chase despite its age. It has been called the IMP Mobile.

Trivia Edit

  • Some of the IMP crew made a cameo in Sonic adventure in 5 million minutes in the scene where Tails gets an emerald as part of the crowd in the background.