IMP Mini 8 is a short episode revolving around Meglif proving to Tiffany that she can make a certian amount of baskets in one shot.


The short starts with Tiffany before a basketball hoop, prepared to make a basket. Her mentor, Mochi, is training her to become a better player. When Tiffany throws the ball, however, Mochi turns out to be a less than ideal helper than she proclaimed.

Meglif shows up and, after repeatedly hitting John with a basketball, proclaims that she can make 20 baskets in 1 shot. Agreeing, Tiffany watches as Meglif screws up, the ball being released too early and crashing through Roger window, who is on his computer.

Roger ignores the ball repeatedly hitting him in the head until it knocks down his computer, where he runs around the room frantically as the balls knocks over his stuff and lands into the basketball hoop.

Eventually, the basketball hoop registers a series of Rogers stuff as hoops, and Meglif makes 35 points. However, she said she'd make exactly 20, no more, so she technically lost the bet, to her dismay.


  • This is the shortest mini yet.